Ink Tags
We offer a range of ink tags that offer a high level of security without the need of an alarm. The ink capsules inside this tag will break only if forced open by a shoplifter. The non washable ink, with unique staining ability, leaves the garment unusable making shoplifters effort to steal foolhardy. Ink Tags are ideal for cost-conscious retailers who choose to implement a security program using these economical tags as a stand-alone security device. The ink tags can also be used in combination with a variety of EAS Security Tags compatible with Sensormatic or Checkpoint Systems.

Ink Tags

Universal Clutch for Ink Tags
The Universal Clutch is specially designed to work with our Universal Ink Tag, as well as the Sensormatic® Ink Mate®....
$265.00 $242.30
Small Clutch
The Small Clutch is specially designed to work with pins or the Universal Ink Tag. It is smaller in size...
$247.00 $205.00

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