How to protect winter ski products?

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Throughout our 15 years of serving the retail industry in the USA, we have had the fortune of developing long term relationships with number of Winter Ski retail companies who rely on us to protect their merchandise, we of course are passionate about helping them solve the big dilemma they face every season:

How to protect Ski gear from potential theft?

Sensornation offers several security products that will help ski store managers to focus more on selling instead of constantly worrying about preventing shoplifting and losses, and perhaps as important as the security products themselves is our dedicated customer service. Below our recommendations.

For regular apparel: Ski jackets, ski pants, ski hats, base-layers, socks, gloves, back & packs, thermal underwear and all kind of ski accessories, we recommend the two tags below for their appropriate size, functionality, and availability: RF 8.2Mhz Mini Tag Checkpoint Compatible for RF Systems or Sensormatic SuperTag ® (Pre-owned) for AM Systems

For skies, ski boots, hiking poles, ski poles, ski goggles, and other ski accessories, we recommend using: Pin Lanyard Plastic, to protect items that are more difficult to tag, or the RF 8.2Mhz Lock Tight Tag with a stronger re-enforced wire

For detection systems, a really popular option with many of our Ski clients are our SELF INSTALLATION security antennas: The basic RF 8.2Mhz Single Antenna EAS System or the more upscale RF 8.2Mhz Single Antenna Plexiglass System

We always have them in stock and they are easy to install, reliable, and more affordable, without sacrificing protection.

In short, we are here to help you customize your loss prevention solution as we have done for many ski companies around the country.

A good way to get started is by contacting us at 305-539-3808 for an initial consultation, or simply sending us pictures of your entrance via email at and we will provide you with the best configuration possible for your door.

Sensornation also offers:

How to protect winter Ski Products - Sensornation

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